Bike Walk Town: the Future of Biking and Walking in Morristown

Over the past year, the town has been working on a new master plan and through Morristown Moving Forward, has taken in a lot of public comments.  The draft of the new master plan is now available to review (see pdf here), and there is really nothing more important for our organization going forward than looking at how biking and walking is included in this plan.


Join us at the Hyatt Morristown on Wednesday evening, 7:00-8:30ish for a discussion of biking and walking elements including in the plan led by Bike Walk  Town’s Marcy Needle.  She will be taking notes and comments and coming up with a letter of concerns or a letter of thank you for awesome planning.  Meet up in the bar area of the Hyatt Morristown, which is to the right when you come in the front doors.

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