Morristown Bike Party

Morristown Bike Party meets at Whole Foods on Washington Street and rides at 6:30. If you are driving over, please let Whole Foods know you are parked in the parking lot.

What is it? A fun, community ride for all ages.

How we ride.  If you follow these rules, Bike Party will be safe and a positive place for riders, drivers, pedestrians, and the community.

1. Be prepared! Scope your bike out, make adjustments, and lube your chain if necessary before the ride. Bring some water, snacks, night lighting, flat tire repair essentials, and care for the groups’ well-being. No one is left behind.

2. Follow traffic rules. The atmosphere of the Morristown Bike Party is fun, friendly, welcoming, and safe. Our goal is to celebrate cycling and build community, not to cause conflict with car drivers. Please help us maintain a positive atmosphere by keeping in mind the following guidelines:

• Stay to the Right. This is not Critical Mass; please stay to the right on 2-lane roads, or in the right lane on larger roads. Stay to one lane on multilane roads, like around the Morristown Green.

• Stop at Lights and Stop Signs. Never enter an intersection against a light. If the group gets separated by a light, the front of will wait up, don’t worry.

• Ride Straight – Please help avoid crashes by riding predictably, without any sudden turns or stops.

• Don’t Hate – Please roll past any conflict that might present itself during the ride.

• Pack your Trash – Aspire to leave party stops in better condition than we found them.

• Don’t Get Smashed – Riding while inebriated poses a danger to yourself and others. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone else by overdoing it.

3. Keep it Beautiful. Please leave everywhere we go as we found it, if not nicer.