Vincent Aguanno Tribute Ride

Vincent Aguanno was one of Morristown’s most dedicated bike riders and when he passed away on September 16, many people had stories to share about seeing him riding or dancing or growing great tomatoes. Bike & Walk Morristown and Mr. Aguanno’s family are hosting this tribute ride to Vincent on Saturday, October 18 at 2pm.

We will start out at his home, 33 Walker Avenue, and do about an hour long tour of Morristown, hitting his favorite spots to bike to: the Morristown Green, Morristown Town Hall, Kings, the Morristown Library and a couple other spots.

Raindate? Mr. Aganno would ride rain or snow or whatever, so this is happening no matter what. If you knew Vincent or he treated you with a happy wave, please come out to pay tribute to Morristown’s most dedicated two wheeled traveller.

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