Learn How to Ride Bikes Happy and Safe with Your Kids

13119917_1141934415828509_4396006942382470587_oOn Saturday, June 18, Bike & Walk Morristown, Whole Foods and Marty’s Reliable Cycle are sponsoring a How to Ride with Kids event on the patio at Whole Foods on Washington Street in Morristown.

Dena Driscoll, from the Bike Mama Philadelphia blog, will be talking about riding with young kids and how to form relations with schools for ride clubs and morning rides as well as school bike rodeo. She will talk about school drop off being a big issue for environment and traffic, as well as how to build a culture supportive of bicycling at the schools.

Dena will be joined by local biking dads, Dean Sanginari and Douglas Palen talking about riding with their young children, sharing their favorite places to ride and talking about gear.

People are encouraged to bring the equipment they use or have used to get their kids around on bikes to talk about during the Gear Show and Tell part of the event; all this equipment can get expensive and hearing what works for other families can help people pick what will work for them.

After the talks and gear show and tell, families can join Morristown’s first Kidical Mass on a ride through town to the playground at Lidgerwood Park.

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