Tuesday: Win a Cargo Bike for Morristown in 10 minutes

Please come out on Tuesday to the Early Street Community Garden!  We are looking for friendly folks to walk and bike over and help us get a picture that will help us win a cargo bike for Bike & Walk Morristown.

The Alliance for Biking and Walking and Yuba Bicycles are giving away two Yuba Mundo Bicycles, which look like this:


Anyhow, when we heard about this contest, we were like YES!  We need this. We really try to live what we are telling people to do, and showing people that they can get around town on their own two feet or own two wheels is something we love doing.  Sometimes tho, we have to haul things to our events:  boxes of bike bells, fliers for events, tables, sidewalk chalk, movie projectors and homemade screens, popcorn, extension cords, pint glasses, bike helmets to give away, stickers, rakes and garbage bags for town-wide clean up day, tents, stereo systems, ladders, you know, stuff.

Having this cargo bike would make our lives so much easier and save us hours of planning how to get stuff from here to there and back again. Please come out!  We need your smiling face!  We could use your friend’s smiling face too, so bring them with you.

Photo op is at 7:20 sharp, and if you want to keep riding once you are out, there is a Full Moon Adventure Ride leaving from the fountain on the Morristown Green at 7:45.  Early Street Garden is located on Early Street, between Speedwell Avenue and Atno.

Check out the other entries and details in the Win a Yuba Flickr Pool.

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