With a little help from my (furry) friends

We’re not just about biking… we like all forms of transportation and, sometimes, we like to bring a friend along for the trip. Here’s Theresa Ulrich’s story about a big move and making some new (sometimes furry) friends:

How To Make Friends In A New City

I was born and raised in Colorado. I lived in a log cabin at an elevation of 8500 feet for the last five years. One day my husband tells me that it is time to move to New Jersey for his job. Nothing in my life has been scarier than packing up a life I knew from birth and starting over in a new place.

I moved to Morris Plains less than one year ago and didn’t know anyone. My husband at least got to go to work every day and talk to people he knew. But I was alone all day with the dog. I forced myself to tell anyone I met (the bank teller, grocery store clerk, anyone really) that I just moved and needed recommendations on the best bike trails, restaurants or veterinarian. People were very helpful, but I still didn’t make friends from these short and sometimes awkward conversations. My world changed when I discovered a dog pack walk around Morristown.

I started walking my dog Angus with a group of people I have never met. I didn’t know if they would like me, if I would fit in or if Angus would behave himself. It is funny how a leisurely stroll can get people to open up to each other. Through this group I have made some incredible friends. These are people who have invited me to their homes to meet their families on holidays and taken me under their wings. They have even helped us raise our new dog Knox. Because of them I am learning about how to navigate the dreaded jughandle and definitely feeling more confident in this new place.

If you are looking to meet new friends or just want to experience a new town, I urge you to take a walk with a group. With or without a dog. I owe my new life in Morristown to walking.

Want to join in on the dog walks? Check out Bike and Walk Morristown’s Meetup Page for future events!

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